An open invitation to ALL British Recruiters…

I got up early this morning to watch the Chelsea-City game live from Stamford Bridge.  It was 7am here in Melbourne, but it had been light for over an hour and it was already fairly warm… Oh, and it’s going to be 33°C (92°F) later in the week….

The football was engrossing, no doubt about it… and the result was… ummm…  exactly what I was after, (says he with an ever so smug smile on his face)…. Oh, and before you hang me for jumping aboard the Chelski train, I was a fan and member way back in the dark old days of the early/mid nineties.

But the weather?????  My wife was flitting in and out of the kitchen, making breakfast and getting the kids ready for the day, whilst I lay on the couch transfixed by the beautiful game.

‘Is it snowing there?’ She asked as she passed through the room.

‘Don’t think so,’ I replied without looking at her, ‘It might be sleet?’

‘Look at that dude,’ she laughed pointing at Roberto Mancini, his overcoat drenched and his usually immaculate Johnny Depp hairstyle drooping over his eyes and making him look more like a sodden English sheep dog (no disrespect Roberto).  ‘He looks absolutely freezing.  Why would anyone put up with weather like that?…’

And, she’s right….

So, my question is…  Where are you? Right now while you read this article?  Maybe browsing through your Ipad, stuck on the District Line Tube, or travelling past Clapham Common on the Number 37 Bus?  It doesn’t really matter where you are – London, Manchester, Painswick – but I bet it’s cold… and bleak…

Australia has just entered summer.  The weather is amazing, and the career outlook within commercial recruitment is extremely strong.

The economy is set to increase by 4.5% over 2012, to be the leader in developed economies – the economy in Western Australia grew by over 8% in the last quarter alone.

Almost all Recruitment agencies in Australia are looking for additional staff, and anyone with at least 2-3 years commercial recruitment agency experience and a demonstrated history of billings has currency as a candidate in the Australian market.

The process of emigrating to Oz is a relatively easy one.  Most recruiters qualify under a 457 visa arrangement where their host employer sponsors their stay until permanent residency is attained. To se if you qualify for 457 visa status follow this link

There are heaps of British Ex-Pats living in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth, and the lifestyle is fantastic! (And you probably have at least another 5 years of Ashes bragging rights to look forward to!).

Seriously though, if you are considering a change of lifestyle, culture, opportunity and….. weather, with the current European economic woes and the wealth of opportunities here – this might be that one perfect storm that allows you to pursue your dreams.

For any further information please don’t hesitate to contact me on

Oh, and enjoy the festive season and all it has to offer… Me, I’ll be having a barbecue on the beach, a cool drink and a dip in the sea…  Come join us!


About Craig Watson rec-to-rec

My 15 years experience in the commercial recruitment industry has allowed me to form deep and successful networks. Until now the Rec2Rec industry has failed to deliver adequately to its clients. The simple solution is that I will respond to your specific business requirements by understanding them. My philosophy is less Rec2Rec and more Rec4Rec. In my Training and HR business I hve worked with some of the largest organisations in Asia Pacific - providing HR strategic consulting aligning people and culture needs with commercial requirements. I have a proven background in Rec2Rec, HR Strategic Management, Career Training and Recruitment, Senior Management (National Level) with extensive People Management and Training/Mentoring experience. Over a career spanning 15 Years I have gained my experience at HMS (UK), Adecco, Hallis, Drake, Accel and most recently my own venture - HeadStart. I am at cutting edge of Rec2Rec, Training, HR and Recruitment best practice - with additional experience in Organisational Development, Retention, Reward and Recognition Initiatives. In the current recruitment industry landscape of various cultures, expectations and job descriptions, allow me to help you in navigating your next career move. I have consulted to leading organisations as to HR solutions strategy across a breadth of industries - aligning expectation with reality.
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