How to succeed in the post GFC recruitment industry

Ok, so we all know the landscape has changed.  Figures show that up to 50% of headcount in the Australian recruitment industry was shed during the downturn.

The vast majority were middle management, account managers, resourcers and under performing consultants.  Consultancies who lost staff via redundancies and natural attrition on the whole didn’t replace them, meaning existing staff bore the extra burden.

Well…. Things have changed.  Almost without exeception consultancies are hiring again.  The war for talent within the recruitment industry has never been more fierce.  Coupled with this consultancies are being very clear about what they expect from recruitment consultants.  So.  What do consultancies expect?

  • Proven history of billings
  • Established networks
  • True End-to-End focus

If you have the above your currency in today’s recruitment environment is very high.  The great thing is consultancies are willing to put together enticing packages to source the best staff.

If you want to know what opportunities are currently out there, what your current value in the market is, or who are the real employers of choice in the commercial recruitment industry please leave a comment, or call me 0414 341 843

About Craig Watson rec-to-rec

My 15 years experience in the commercial recruitment industry has allowed me to form deep and successful networks. Until now the Rec2Rec industry has failed to deliver adequately to its clients. The simple solution is that I will respond to your specific business requirements by understanding them. My philosophy is less Rec2Rec and more Rec4Rec. In my Training and HR business I hve worked with some of the largest organisations in Asia Pacific - providing HR strategic consulting aligning people and culture needs with commercial requirements. I have a proven background in Rec2Rec, HR Strategic Management, Career Training and Recruitment, Senior Management (National Level) with extensive People Management and Training/Mentoring experience. Over a career spanning 15 Years I have gained my experience at HMS (UK), Adecco, Hallis, Drake, Accel and most recently my own venture - HeadStart. I am at cutting edge of Rec2Rec, Training, HR and Recruitment best practice - with additional experience in Organisational Development, Retention, Reward and Recognition Initiatives. In the current recruitment industry landscape of various cultures, expectations and job descriptions, allow me to help you in navigating your next career move. I have consulted to leading organisations as to HR solutions strategy across a breadth of industries - aligning expectation with reality.
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